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Healthy Hair 101

When it comes to beauty, what can make or break a look? Your Hair!

Everyone wants healthy, vibrant hair, but most have trouble with taking good care of those valuable tresses, whether it be color-treated, relaxed, permed, or enhanced with extensions.

When caring for color treated hair, it is important to use great products made with the proper ingredients to ensure long lasting color and shine. I live by Shea Essence Sulfate-free Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Sulfates are drying agents (typically found in most shampoos) that cause hair color to fade, giving a dingy or dull appearance. By using this sulfate-free shampoo made with all natural ingredients, you will notice how soft and vibrant your hair will look after just one shampoo!

Remember, when you want to Amplify YOUR Chic, it all starts with detailed maintenance ;-)... Check out my next post to learn about caring for your hair in between color services and relaxers