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How to get the Best BlowOut EVER!!

"How come when I do my Blow out at home its never the same as when my Hairstylist does it??" Does this question sound familiar? Leave it to Cosmo to have all the answers!! Check this How To video from  Cosmopolitan Magazine and you and your bouncy blow out can thank me later !:-)


Remember: Always, Always, ALWAYS use a heat resistant serum or spray to protect the hair prior to applying heat. It tames the frizz, and acts as a barrier from the harsh temperature of your styling tool. Try Morroccanoil Oil Treatment as a light weight product for UV protection.

Keeping It Chic

Where do you turn when you want that Michelle Williams Platinum Blonde?


Or that Kerry Washington sleek straight look that you see on magazine covers and the red carpet?,,20301062_20470006_20918634,00.html,,20301062_20470006_20918634,00.html


All I can say is….. leave it to the professionals!


Permanent coloring and relaxer services are some of the most popular choices when visiting the salon. It is important that you keep a maintenance schedule after receiving these services to insure that the integrity of your hair is not jeopardized. For A-list celebrities, missing a salon appointment is like missing a shower,(not pretty!) and it should be the same for you.


When making the decision to chemically process those lovely locks (no matter what your hair-type or texture ), keep in mind that both services require a deep conditioning treatment at least two to three weeks after being performed. It is safe to retouch new growth only, 4-6 weeks with color, and 6-8 weeks when relaxing hair. With relaxed hair, you may notice shedding after eight weeks, which you definitely want to avoid.


If you would like to give your hair a little extra oomph or shine in between color applications (and who wouldn't love that!), ask your stylist for cellophane treatment or any other professional High-Gloss serum for the time being. It will give your hair a more vibrant appearance without chemically altering, or damaging the hair shaft.


These little tips will go a long way on your journey to Amplifying your Chic! Don't miss my next post on finding the right stylist for you (and your pocketbook!;-}).....